UPDATE 1/20/2010 ::: Boxee has recently announced built-in support for video bookmarking via the Boxee Bookmarklet. As such, L8R will no longer be supported or updated.

L8R is a free service that allows you to view previously bookmarked URLs from video sharing sites such as Youtube and Vimeo, via the L8R.cc website, or on the boxee social media center. All you have to do is bookmark the video's page into your del.icio.us account, and L8R will extract the video and do the rest. No registration required!

Getting Started

  1. Include the tag 'L8R' when bookmarking video pages into del.icio.us (using your existing method).
  2. That's it!

Watching L8R Videos on Boxee

  1. Install the L8R boxee application
  2. Enter your del.icio.us username into the application.
  3. Again, that's it!

Watching L8R Videos on L8R.cc

  1. Visit http://l8r.cc/<your del.icio.us username>
    Example: http://l8r.cc/l8r_demo
  3. It's that easy!